View Full Version : Need a TR-option exactly as epic reincarnation

07-31-2015, 03:31 AM
I want to play my main and see all my achievements in quests. raids and slayers etc etc.

I know that all that is lost when you TR. Therefore i have skipped doing those advancements and focused on TR.

But since classes always will be added i will never be able to grind out all trs and after play the toon as i want... That isnt so good and make me atleast lose a tad interest in this awesome game.

So i humbly suggest that you make Another Tr option- one there you will keep all as you do in Epic tr. I really dont see any bad with it. Tradeoffs is you cant xp as fast cause no bb, but you keep what you like- the EE completions of the quests you are happy you have completed.

The tr was good as it is when it came out, simply to little xp have it other way. Bot now since quests resets and start over xp wise every day- it will be much funnier be able to keep what you have done in game and not be forced restart your toon when a new class be added to game to get completionist back.

I really think this would make many really happy in game!! And if other tr-option is possible still noone will feel it lose somehow.

(Sorry for bad English)

07-31-2015, 11:38 AM
Me too. :(

But I decided to keep him at cap and not TR him.

and work on another toon for completionist.

Also means I always have a toon at cap for new content, and don't have to worry about how fast I level up my TR toon.

07-31-2015, 12:19 PM

Wouldn't mind if all my choices were defaulted in and I could just hit "next", if I wanted to keep aeverythign the same.
If there was something I wanted to change then I could adjust it as I go as opposed to starting from scratch...
It is annoying to level to 28, ER.. level back to 20 from scratch( without the benefit of changing any class or alignment choices) just so I can then TR into a new life or rerun ER lives.