View Full Version : Need Gear Ideas When Casting

07-12-2015, 10:14 AM
The Build: A Quick Overview

16 sorc-2 paladin-monk Bladeforged

I wanted to run a Tukaw with today's updated gear and ended up falling in love with it, though it's not the same build. I love melee, but I'm primaryly casting in Shiradi, and then switching over to Divine Crusader when I want to swing an axe. I really wanted my last sorc PL, but I ended up liking this more than I planed on.

Starting Stats/Current at 21
16/38 Shiradi/52 Crusader (Uppe 60s or lower 70s by cap
16 (or 17, I forgot)/32
17/44(got room for 10 more from gear/tomes/levels etc +all few minute to 1 hr/buffs to the rest.

Completionist w/ 2+ PLs in all classes but Paladin, Rogue, Druid, and Bard.

Right now Casting in Lightning and will switch to DC and swap for fire when I want to Melee between fire balls.

I want to focus more on casting though; I'm good with the melee part of the build and have everything I could possibly need there.

Twists in Shiradi

Energy Burst (Know Acid is best, but I'm taking -4 caster levels on cast from Lightning Air, so I'm playing w/ type)/Magistar Evo DCs
Empyrean Magic/Magistar Evo DCs
Avenging Light or Soundburst

Epic PLs
Energy Crits x1
Brace x1
Doublestrike x3
Color of the Queen x1 (This build is to get another stack of this, or two).

Maximize, Empower, Evocation, Completionist, THF, PA, IC: Slash, PL: Wizard, Extend, and probably Quicken-though I haven't felt the need yet. Probably OC, Hellball, PTWf, epic spell power or charisma for epic feats.

Ok, I hopefully have given you an idea of what I'm doing. Gear w/ Guard procs that serve two slots is best. Don't mind doubling TH weapons and making new ones. I just need to know what's working best on the tiers w/ typical pure casters.

Yes, I have lots of guard procs.