View Full Version : Crafting on toven's hammer

06-22-2015, 03:53 AM
Up until now, I had been using toven's hammer extensively and utilised crafted mobility and 33% fire absorption on it. With the recent changes to how elemental absorption stacks, my combo of 3bc boots and 33% shard is no longer effective.

I thought about mobility and kinetic lore IV but by the time you enter the epics blade barrier is no longer the powerhouse it is in heroics. So it's not necessary. I suppose I could add good luck +2 instead of those but I have that covered with a blue slot, repair lore is covered from ring of master artificer, lightning lore from bracers of wind. I like mobility because it's a free +2 max dexterity, +2 stacking dodge that you can't really get anywhere else. Ranged alacrity I get from epic abbot quiver.

So what do you put on your toven's or any other high level runearm?