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06-19-2015, 02:56 AM
So I Was looking to get my second stack of both shadar and arti and came up with this build. Due to my annoyance with scroll healing and ranged targeting/animations in general it was an ok if not uberly fun build from 15-20. After I geared up at 20 and twisted in rejuv cocoon, life turned around. I Just ran my first set of quests after the lev 20 gear sort/ED sort and it was outstanding enough I felt some folks might want to see it. This post is what information i have with him at lev 20.

Disclaimer: my past life stacks make the crossover nature of the build much easier to pull off. extra +12 damage per bolt/+6 to-hit. wizard PL/extra SP/15% heal amp from PLs..it is all really utilized to the maximum with this configuration.
Xbow feats: point blank/rapid reload/rapid shot/IPS/imp crit ranged/precision. Caster feats: Empower/Max/Heighten/Quicken/wiz PL.
Future Feats to get in epic levels: evo foc/OC/combat archery/doubleshot.
Losing completionist today helped ease feat crunch :)

Running in Sharadi ATM due to karma gathering. Figure draconic would be equally good with more boom and less plink. Twists are energy burst/rejuv cocoon/primal scream/unearthly reactions.

Action point spread.
11 points into shadar racial tree. Full set of core (int) enhancements then 2x guile.
38 points into arcano. Only 1st core enh. Full SLA and spell crit enh. Both +int. Evo focus. 2 ranks of shocking vuln. 1 AP into wand and scroll mastery.
1 point into mechanic.
30 points into harper. 3 cores. Strategic combat 1. Harper enchantment. 1 rank of toughness. 9 points into versatile adept. Know angles x3. Both avail int. Highly skilled x3. Vigor of life.

Ring of the stalker, slotted 30% stride and +6 int.
Lev 20 frozen tunic. slotted 20 vit/12 prr&mrr.
Bracers of wind, slotted deathblock and +1 exc int.
Think i threw away the necklace half to the ranger tod set, so just using a junk second ring (+6 dex/+2 good luck/large guild slot for HP) as a placeholder for now.
+6 resist/6 damage necklace.
PDK helm/gloves.
GS min2 cloak.
Tharnes gogs.
Trink with 10% ranged alac and evocation DC 2. lev 20 spyglass if trap skills need the bump for low lev EE runs or something.
Spare hand w/ GFL and master's touch slotted.
Using my old triple air GS boots for haste clicks and +6 cha. not ideal, but effective.

06-19-2015, 05:17 AM
Future that will be obtained easily would be a lev 24 and maybe 26 thunderforge hvy repeater with magn. then magn + evo dc.

If this wasn't my monk toon, the wish would be tier 3 with mortal fear and a knives eternal.

All the gear I gathered from new orchard seems like it will work great. The gear I have on this toon is melee/monk orientated though and lacks caster level boost items. I have had great luck with stacking multiple caster level boost items/sets together on my sla/necro sorc. I feel a CL bump setup would be great for this build.

06-25-2015, 03:00 AM
Quick question: Why not 5 rogue levels? I ask because that's what I am planning since the mechanic enhancements look too good to pass up for 'plink'ing.
Ie: What do you get from artificer 16+17 that is better than the tier 4+5 mechanic enhancements?
Thanks :)