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06-08-2015, 07:32 PM
not a new player but figured one may find the answer useful.

does Harper's Leadership, Druid Past Life, and Augment Summon stack?

ive done this build before to great success, but this was before harper came out. Im doing it again for fun, and figured the extra harper boost would be nice, but took the enhancements and its not showing on my hires or summons. Is this a bug, or does it not stack with the Druid Past life feats, or the Augment summon feat?

06-08-2015, 07:58 PM
Whenever I've used it, it's shown up as a ham-looking icon named Able on the summon's buff bar, next to Augment Summoning. Haven't had druid past lives, so I don't know if those show up or not. They should all stack, along with the amenity from your guild, if they have it. I think at the guild buff's full power, it ends up being a total of +14 to all stats if I remember correctly (+4 AugSum, +4 Harper, +3 Druid PLs, +3 Guild). Pets and whatnot work pretty well all the way through heroic and into epic, though not so much in EE. Summons on the other hand... not so much. They tend to die pretty quickly, even with all that.

06-08-2015, 08:04 PM
ahh ok thanks, i figured 'able' was referring tot he guild bonus, and without the harper bonuses its still showing so im not sure i may have to make a new character to test that.

your numbers are off though.

6 total from druid past lives, 4 from augment summon, 6 from harper - assuming it stacks -, 2 from guild bonuses.

so thats 18. Through in masses if your specing for it and you get 22, and then in epics if you stay in magister line - I plan to for this - you get a total of 26 due to grand summoner.

i tend to spam mass vigors alot to keep the hires going, but will twist in that AOE heal from primal avatar whenever soemthing dies to help keep things up as well.

also Im doing this with an ooze maker so im moving around with more than just the one summoned creature.

06-09-2015, 02:09 AM
Yes, they all stack - meaning with past lives plus the feat that's +10 to all your pet's stats as low as level 1, which is a pretty hefty power boost even before adding in guild bonus plus harper leadership when you have the APs to spend on them - i have 2 druid PLs, the feat, guild bonus & harper leadership on my own artificer & it makes the dog an absolute beast in low to mid levels & still very tough later on, plus the puddings from my ooze2 repeater, and the summoned creature, and any other hirelings i choose to bring... :D Oh, and +stats means any casting hirelings (such as the ever-reliable larafey) have better spell DCs too