View Full Version : Undying Court Deity Proposed Ideas

06-02-2015, 01:35 PM
I am an avid fan of Eberron and its lore, particularly the religions. In the case of The Undying Court, Honored Elders are preserved in Undeath to guide and protect their race. I propose as a capstone to a (new) FvS tree, or a new capstone feat, that players be allowed to be "preserved" in Undeath as they are Favored by the Court. Mechanically this would be similar to the Pale Master's Shrouds, but also similar to the Artificer's Construct Essence feat in that positive energy could heal them, but for less than those truly alive, and that they could also be healed by negative energy.

The benefits for this would be akin to:
+2 Wisdom
+2 to Evocation and Necromancy DC's
+10 MRR
Increase Echoes of Power by +30
(All benefits are subject to change)