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05-28-2015, 04:46 AM
Dear Dev,

Probably as we all know, negative healing is currently the weakest among the 3 established healing type in ddo.
Namedly Repair, Postive healing, Negative healing.

There's a need to boost Negative healing, Death Aura ain't doing too bad but the only burst healing Pale Master gets is from level 4 spell Negative Energy Burst (NeB) and to quicken+maximize it cost 60sp but the amount of healing it grant is not great.

Before we jump to thoughts that pale master is primarily a range toon and have been built for competent insta kill or cc capability, I'm thinking along the line of playing vampire or wraith melee builds as well.

I'm not asking for over powered new healing for pale master but can it happen that a new negative healing spell or pale master tree carry this NeB as a SLA?
I understand that Divine Disciple have this currently as a level 4 SLA so it's easy fixed to implement this into the pale master tree :)
A 2nd burst heal for pale master is much appreciated.


05-28-2015, 04:55 AM
in epics you can use cocoon's 150 temporary HP to buy some time for your auras to kick in