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05-25-2015, 09:37 PM
Per Singular, I am sharing my build. This is ranged focused build that specifically doesn't care about casting and DCs.
Since this is off the top of my head, I don't promise to have everything down.
Average xbow volley is 2-3k when in archer's focus 1.5-2.5k otherwise.
rune arm shot is 4-5k
eburst is 3k on average with 2-4k common and 8k on occasion.

Also, not looking for comments about how I should be running in LD and such. If I get those, I'm deleting this post.
The toon is a 2 pl toon (ranger, arty) and has epic completionist for a 4th slot.

This is based off a 36 point build, but you can dump wis to get down to a 32 point if needed.
Yes, his gear loadout is probably some of the best gear in the game, but there are easy to find substitutes that will do nearly as well.

begin stats
Str 8
dex 16
con 16
int 18
wis 10
cha 6

+5 tomes on str and cha; +6 on dex, con, int, wis.

maxed out DD, search, spot, open lock, spellcraft, repair. The rest of the skills are up to you.

feats: all the ranged feats through combat archery, including the critical line, insightful reflexes, and the no fail reflex feat at 27 + mirthral body, dodge, and mobility.

enhancements: BE and Harper mostly -- KTA, ranged power, and damage boost are the biggies as well as the +int.

ED: shadowdancer, 4/3/1/1 twist slots with acid eburst, and the t3 fort save from grandmaster of flowers and the will and reflex save boost from magister
+6 int from shadowdancer. +6 reflex. The rest are less important.

End stats: with ship buffs
str 26
dex 40
con 42
int 62
wis 32
cha 24
876 hp, but some are from EPLs. a base build will probably have around 800 hp
2174 sp

fort 52/ref 71/will 52
15 % dodge
29% doubleshot
57 ranged power
15% ranged alacrity

spellpowers (no rune arm charge)/crit chance
acid 304/27%
force 336/31%
repair 242/21%
the rest are < 200/14%

glimpse of soul
eidlon necklace
dragon masque
dunthlomin's bracers
epic fanged gloves
epic thoughtful belt
rock boots
ring of master artifice
EE consuming darkness
lev 24 treasure hunter's spyglass
blinding gs cloak
t3 thunderforged
knives eternal
epic quiver
tf armor

That's about all I can think of.

05-25-2015, 10:14 PM
My WF Artificer is similar. Shadowdancer is pretty nice especially if you want Evasion.

I wouldn't switch to another destiny either.

05-27-2015, 10:32 AM
Awesome - thanks for sharing your build!