View Full Version : Gearing for 28 Artificer (Harper) Hybrid (Shirady ED)

05-07-2015, 04:26 AM
What do you consider an ideal endgame gear layout or optimal slots for an Hybrid Arti who uses Evocation Spells + Repeater?

Mostly casting focused as i kept INT fairly high (+23 mod at 27), evoc DC is twisted from the arcane EDs.

Playstyle: Drop AoE CCs, eg: detonation, spheres, drop eburst(fire), then pewpew with a repeater xbow (currently using estar challenges turnins).


06-25-2015, 05:01 AM
If you use a lot of CC, you need to increase your evocation DC via equipment. You have two options for this: one is to craft a tier 2 thunderforged repeater with +6 evocation DC on tier 2 or use the Sage Necklace from wheloon that gives +5 evocation DC and +15 spellcraft.

The second is the most cost-effective option as you can then slot damage on tier 2 on your thunderforged but on my artificer I use necklace of eidolons and almost nothing will make me remove it. Don't forget to slot somewhere yellow augment slot from GH vendor that gives stacking +2 evocation dc.

For helmet you should try for abbot helmet that gives +11 to int, wis, cha and again stacking +2 evocation dc if you cast evocation spells one behind the other. Consesus the best runearm is again from abbot knives eternal which will cover it's own spellpower (and Ruin's) and trinket (see a pattern here?) epic litany of the dead.

If you use heavy armor you should use thunderforge heavy plate upgraded with 30/epic dr, otherwise you have many options including freezing ice robe from challenges (although freezing ice doesn't work well on end game, mobs save against it 95% of the time), mythic arcane armor from the new xoriat pack, red dragon armor for bonus to your energy burst fire, goristro hide with 10% tendon slice and whichever stat you need +3 insightful... Many, many options.

If you can stand running more abbot, epic quiver of alacrity is also amazing with bonus ranged attack speed and doubleshot and insightful sneak attack.