View Full Version : Having encumbrance issues? Surprising source of weight

05-03-2015, 08:22 PM
A lot of you may know about this but thought I would post it anyway.

Was wondering why I was sometimes getting uncentered on my main in her heroic life. She has little gear in her backpack. Turns out those multiple green large collectible bags (from past life accumulations) have three types objects in them that weigh A LOT for non-STR toons:

Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
Khyber Dragonshard Fragment
Tokens of the Twelve Fragments

The first two are rather innocuous but add up to a sizable weight since they stack up to 2500. If you have three large collectable bags you can find yourself with 25 lbs X3 x2 or 150 lbs of dragonshard fragments. The tokens of the Twelve fragments (They have a similar weight and stack up to 2500) should be converted to Tokens of the Twelve and will then have a negligible weight. I had ignored them since I had lots of tokens of the Twelve and had not realized that they were adding to my encumbrance.


A lot of melee characters etc. have high STR but there are plenty of Dex and Int builds that do not, let alone casters etc. I hope you found this useful.