View Full Version : The "Dev's" suggestion/idea rebuttal thread. ;)

05-02-2015, 07:37 PM
So fellow forumites & Devs', this is a chance to hash out some of our ideas, suggestions and content related concepts in an open "forum".

I decided to start this thread because of all the recent suggestion/idea threads being posted lately.

And let's not leave out the tech support and CSR's Turbine employs. After all, they have a "say" in this also. ;)

No holes barred, anything goes, and please don't hold the mustard.

Oh, and I even put the thread in the right forum category, just for style points. ;)

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I'll start;

Roll back special effects weapons. (smiters, disruptors, vorpals etc....)

**and a handy promotional pic to boot!!** (ps, Eladrin said "he'd look at it 2 years ago)