View Full Version : FVS PL Help

03-21-2015, 04:52 PM
Ok so I will be finishing up my sorc PL tonight and then TRing.

I want to get a FVS PL while leveling with Bard gear. Would like to have 1-2 levels of Rogue simply for the bonuses from traps.

Anyone got any decent ideas on a FVS with at least 5Bard and 1-2Rogue? I have all the bard gear I could ask for so mainly thinking best level split and best way to spend AP's.

03-22-2015, 11:16 AM
When you say "bard gear," do you mean for a Swashbuckler? [EDIT: that's what I'm inferring from your level split, but just making sure...] If so, you could do something like rog 2 / bard 6 / FvS 12: 35 APs into SB for T5s, 22 APs into Warpriest for Div Might + Ameliorating Strike, the rest can go wherever. SWF x3, Precision, Imp Crit, leaves 2 or 3 feats free depending on race (either metamagics or Shield Mastery, I'm thinking). Basically, your typical self-healing melee build, but with better Cure spells and some useful divine buffs.

Not sure what's the ideal leveling order, but I would start rog 1 (unlock trap skills, duh), bard 1-3 (get Swashbuckling ASAP), FvS 1-4 (get Ameliorating Strike ASAP), then...well, whatever works, I guess, as long as you have bard 5 by lvl 12 to unlock tier-5s.