View Full Version : Favor rewards

03-18-2015, 01:12 AM
Many of the various favor rewards are completely useless on later lives because they are permanent and unique...such as the Eveningstar key to the city, Drow race, etc. Other favor rewards can be extremely useful, such as Argonessen's 10 hp bonus, or the extra bank and inventory slots from House K and the Coin Lords.

I suggest adding 2 new rewards to ALL of the various favor tiers. 500 xp or 500 guild renown per tier level for the lower level renown types such as Free Agents, House K, CL, etc, 1000 xp or G.R. per tier level for the mid range types such as Argonessen, the 12, PDK, etc. The combined renown you redeem with Nyx could be worth 2k per tier because it requires so much more renown to achieve each tier, and House C could be worth 5k exp or G.R. if you hit 150 favor due to it being a lot more challenging to achieve that renown level than it is for any other category.

These small rewards could be chosen in place of or in addition to whatever the normal rewards are...because do you REALLY want yet another copy of the eveningstar key, or your 150th large green bag from the 12? Congratulations! You have unlocked the Drow class for the 300th time!

Make favor useful for things OTHER than Coin Lords and House K for all players.