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03-11-2015, 04:35 PM
Hello everyone,

Does someone know the number of cleric levels i need to have a good dps with light spells using the divine disciple, the Morninglord and the Exalted angel SLAs ?

In my idea, i would like to build some sort of light spammer with melee capabilities.

Thanks for your help :)

03-11-2015, 04:53 PM
Once I get around to making mine, right now I'm looking at 12 FvS / 6 Cleric / 2 Paladin. All Cha all the time. Either Sun Elf for Max Casting (+30 Spell Power, +100 Spell Points, Feywild Tap), or PDK for a little Melee mojo. I'd probably prefer PDK, it's always good to be able to whack things a bit when you need to and it'll get you through Heroics (but that'd be a final life I'm done TRing kind of thing since you'd have to swap out the Fighter level--so, /2 Fighter until then).

The Cleric SLAs have low enough maximum levels that your +Level bumps from AoV Intense Faith and Exalted Angel will eventually hit those caps (or be close enough).

Once you hit epic you'll just be throwing Cha based Epic Destiny abilities anyways: EA Avenging Light, EA Soundburst, EA Divine Wrath, EA Sun Bolt, DI Energy Burst, Hellball, Ruin (no stat used).

That's my theorycraft at least. Working on Sun Elf past lives right now.

EDIT: Guess I haven't thought about it much since some of the Enhancement changes. I'd probably end up 12 Fvs / 4 Cleric / 4 Paladin at this point.