View Full Version : Wizard Eldritch Knight - Capstone and tier 5 enhancements

03-10-2015, 10:58 AM
Couple of problems I've seen for these enhancements and capstone.

#1 Eldritch tempest cost 2 ap per tier. That is extremely expensive and doesn't leave much choice for an actual spell sword build. Your looking at 37 points minimum after getting the strike and no other tier 5 abilities. The ability is also underwhelming it has a long cooldown and spendy 30 mana per use.

Changes - reduce ap cost to 1 ap per tier, reduce cooldown, reduce mana useage. Make it share a cooldown with great cleave if concerned about splash builds getting another cleave.

#2 Eldritch power the capstone of the tree is difficult to get 10 charges. I was expecting to use eldritch strike, get a charge and eventually sometime in quest get a small boost for a time. But this wasn't the case at all. First each charge lasts 1 minute. Each strike is on a 30 second cooldown and you must hit something. The window to build charges is very very small. Also underwhelming at 10% melee and 25 spell power for a capstone ability.

Changes - reduction in cooldown of eldritch strike helps, make charges not dissipate and retain thru rest and zoning or increase charges to 2 minutes, increase melee damage and spell power, 25% and 50 spell power perhaps. This is a short term buff it should have a big splash and impact.