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03-07-2015, 06:41 AM
currently, casters are boring at epic lvls, below little less but too, they rely too much on SLA, they run out of spell points way too fast, and are stuck in patters of useing same spell over and over and over................. and over......

so i would suggest some changes that would make them into something more interesting in "MY OPINION" <- in caps so its visible.
all of those ideas are meant to be universal set of rules for all caster classes:

1. remove all SLA that dont grant out of class spells, like druid class spells but better, sla, or archmage cores... (realy??) they are pointless waste of space in enchancement trees.

2. add new enchancements that would lower massively sp costs on spells of certain types per enchancement, example: an encachancement that lowers sp cost for all ray, and projectile spells, makeing them very cheap and easy to spam, another to lower sp cost for blast and cone spells, for healers, a healin spell sp cost reduction and so on, all meant to replace those sla spells, make those spells a bread and butter of any caster.

3. short but spell type universal cooldown, separate universal cooldown for all aoe spells longest one, another for blasts shorter, but not spamable, and lastly very short for rays and projectiles so they can be spammed easly.

4. all aoe spells not only longer cooldown but also same rules as with summons, 1 instance of the spell per caster, no more spamming firewalls or other spells all over room and waiting for everytihng in it to burn, also all aoe spells could apply a fear effect to enemies in it, that would make weaker ones to run out of them.

5. aoe and blast and cone spells could apply a element weakness effects to allow for spam spell increased damage, would create tactical use of aoe spells. same for dot spells instead of doing damage those could apply stacking (with weakness from other sources not with itself) longer lasting element weakness to enemies, no more spamming of dots and waiting for stuff to die.

6. new or revised defence spells that would allow casters to be more survivable instead of dying in first hit after getting aggro due to doing lot of damage, false life that would give lot more temp hitpoints, when used on self, a more powerful effects of stone skin or other skin spells that would allow caster to mitigate some of that damage and survive for longer.

7. as extension of 6, maybe.... i would like to see a penalty to spellpower and spell fail chance on running and jumping, much higher fail chance for jumping, as oposite to this when standing still a good stacking over time bonus to spellpower and spell crit chance (a standing still then focusing on casting bonus like), while running woul not be that crippling yet for casters ability to cast, jumping should penaltize casting severely.

8. add a animated armor summon for archmage that would mirror the skeleton from pale master, it would be possible to use repair spells then, its a good way to help mage survive longer as it is able to take aggro off caster or be used as decoy, similar summons could be added to one of cleric and fvs trees?

9. spell changes that would raise effective caster lvl of all level spells, to make lower lvl spells work good in higher level content, as spamming material?

10. metamagics. to change them to allow only one to be active all any time, actual choice that would be required when building a caster and not just takeing everything and keeping it on at all times to do best dps.............. serisouly......, maybe a costly in ap enchancements added to the trees that would mimic some of those metas like quicken for wizzy or extend or enlarge, mayeb as multiselector so only one can be chosen. it wold mean that since there is no need to take all those metamagics anymore, casters could take feats that would make them more survivable, or take shield feats for eldrich knight or bear form druid, or any other caster tht wants to be part melee. little loss of spellpower from metamagics would be easly replaced by other changes on this list.