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02-23-2015, 10:59 AM
I always questioned the notion that as a druid or artificier or even pale master you were stuck with a cookie cutter pet. I mean all druids go out and find a wolf companion? all arti's build a iron defender? While it is to late of course or i'm assuming it's to late to give these class a choice at start up of even 1 of 3 types of pets (wolf, bear, cat) for druid (iron defender, mini iron golem, magefire cannon) for arti. I'll still throw it out there. The real and hopefuly logistical idea would be companion skins. I mean i'm tired of looking at the same companion over and over each life. Not only would it give a fresh new look and a new item on DDO store that of course cna bring in more money but it could add bonuses to combat dc's Like the straw hats or the festival mask. A somall bonus of course like a +1 to tactical DC's, +1 to trip,+5 to elemental resistance. There are all kinds of possibilities. Ideas as to actual skins would be either like a mirror of glamoring where u would activate it on a target enemy animal or vermin to copy or from a pre made list for sale including things like panthers, hyenas, bears, dogs, maybe even vermin such as scorpions and spiders(all of course druid companion skins). For artis things like acaled down iron, mithril,addy, bronze, golems, witch would mainly be color schem changes and going from a dog to more humanoid type construct. however there could be other options like a scaled down skin of the ancient construct in the IQ quarter (tell me every1 wouldn't want one). Let's not leave out the poor forlorn skelly companion of the pale master. First i'd like to say it's terrible you are stuck with no equipment option changes on this companion. I'm sure some people might want there skellys to weild hammers,greatswords or even daggers. Why always stuck with sword and board? Well with companion cosmetics for pale masters it wouldn't be an issue. While one wouldn't be able to change the actual damage type or what the companion was weilding it could be changed in appearance. Or perhaps change from a skelly all together maybe a zombie, wraith or flesh golem. While i'm sure some of my ideas are over reaching and would require more work then what the would be worth in payback at the DDO store i'm sure at least some companion modifaction could be done without to much work especialy with things like the arti and druid companion who have equipment slots. So i thank you for your time and consideration and if anyone else has ideas that could increase our gameplay experiance I urge you to post or contact DDO and try to make it happen

02-23-2015, 06:17 PM
Thank you. Been thinking this for years.

02-23-2015, 06:32 PM
It's a neat idea, but is there a sufficiently large market for it? 2 classes (or 3, if you include wizard) out of 13.

Granted, they could do another tree like Harper that revolves around having a pet, in which case anyone could have one. Then it might make sense to have pet skins.4