View Full Version : Classic Looks.

02-11-2015, 01:06 PM
I think adding classic D+D adventures to this game is probably one of the best idea's Ive seen. Alot of us older players relive bit of our childhoods when we hear "The Temple of Elemental Evil" or "Keep on the Borderlands".

I hope they continue to add older stuff as new content.

MY SUGGESTION: They should add items that make us appear as the old adventurers used to look like. So when your playing a classic re-write of new content you have a chance to find a......

Old Style Magic-User Robe
Classic Platemail or Chainmail
Clerics Shield
Thief Leather Armor
Real Dwarf Beards
Hobbit Feet
Beer Gut
Capes and Cloaks
Large Wooden Staffs
Classic Shield Appearances
(others people probably have more suggestions)

Model them from the 1000's of pictures seen in classic manuals and paperback dungeons and books.