View Full Version : Wheloon Slayer Zone suggestions.

02-10-2015, 09:49 AM
Yes there are multiple Slayer threads incl. my own complaints about Heroic Wheloon but I want to state my suggestions clean:

1) Kills per instance or KPI on a full instance clearance solo is currently bordering on 200 {600 with a Major Slayer Pot}.
Mob Density solo needs to be increased so that KPI is at least 250.

2) Rare Spawn Rate is broken - I've had multiple full clearances solo where I've seen ZERO spawn! - The most I've seen in one instance is TWO!
Almost every slayer zone Pre MotU has a rare spawn rate where 50% of the available rares will spawn a good 10% of the time {Sands has a rate where 8/16 is an AVERAGE run!}.
I'd suggest that Heroic Wheloon when Solo have its rare spawn rate set so that no less than 2 can spawn and 4 is an average with 6 being a particularly good run.

3) Random Encounters spawn rate is also surprisingly low {especially when compared to say The High Road!} - I've seen ZERO of these on at least one occasion! This should NEVER happen!
I'd suggest 3 being a low run, 6 being average and 9 being good.

4) From what I hear of the Mimic event there is a buff that guarantees a Mimic will spawn - Does that mean that there's a possibility we could finally get a Rare Encounter Buff in the DDOStore to guarantee a spawn {I foresee this will get a lot of use in Searing Heights to guarantee a certain Fire Ele!}.

5) Please Please Please Lose the Purple Haze!
With low res graphics I can barely see a thing with this going!

I have very little experience of E-Wheloon Slayer but I suspect the same problems as in Heroic will be there and therefore see the above solutions.