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02-07-2015, 08:29 PM
A lot of talk has been floating around lately about warlock as a new potential class, with new content coming why not go all out and make an iconic for it as well. It's a perfect opportunity to put a new iconic out there. the traditional DnD warlock traces it's power to either demon decadency or ancestors who made deals with demons. So a teifling iconic making the seen would be not so far a stretch as what we have already done with the shardakai. teiflings getting a +2 to cha and i can't see the racial tree being to different from what they have already done with pdk and shardakai. the warlock class itself shouldn't be that hard to do all the class stuff was already laid out in the books, the only real challenge is the trees, the elfrich blast could be done as force damage and as a sla. the warlock itself never got any spells so the only way to do it is give them blue bar and have eldrich blast as a SLA or as a combat ability that would use no spell points and just a CD. in the end spell points well be the only viable option. Anyway thanks for reading and please tell ddo get on it cuz im tired of waiting on one of my favorite PNP classes