View Full Version : Calculation of average damage on each attack

01-21-2015, 05:25 PM
Hi all

I have some spare time so I thought i might as well put it to good use. So here is what i can do for you:

You give a list of things and i calculate the average damage per attack. please take into account everything from the list below or let me know what you plan to do and ill help you calculate it.

Here is what i need:
1) Crit range and multiplier - including improved critical and any competence bonus from bard swashbuckler or fighter keen edge.
2) Anything that adds damage on every attack - such as flaming
3) Anything that adds damage on a crit attack - such as bloodletting or seeker
4) Number of attacks per minute - this number should be pretty precise. I suggest you hit the training dummy for one minute and count the hits including misses.
5) If you do not provide at what roll you miss i will assume you miss only on a roll of 1.
6) Any special attacks that you plan to use and how often these can be used (cooldown)- such as sniper shot or slayer arrows
7) Any increases in attack speed that you did not include in the number of attacks in number 4.
8) Any doubleshot you did not include in number 4.
9) The fortification of the mob you want it calculated for - I suggest 0, 50 and 75 %

If anybody is interested in making a website that can do this i can do the math but i cannot program a website...

Best regards