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01-12-2015, 02:38 AM
Before this post (so today) I build an iconic character (level 15 Purple Dragon Knight Fighter)
with Cleave,Greater Cleave and the prediction feats, to test it.

Test 1
Cleave ? Greater Cleave ? Whirlwind Attack
no issue between the attacks, alone tho move of may Thumb is enough delay, so no noticeable issue.

Test 2
Whirlwind Attack ? Cleave ? Greater Cleave (all not on cool down)
I can click the Button for cleave 6 times before Whirlwind Attack happens. (not timed but meaningful enough)

The Combat animation of Whirlwind Attack shows 2 spins witch make me think, at some point it had two attacks or it was the plan. Therefore I made an extra test and indeed, there is only one attack and no second attack at all.
it might be possible that this is just an unknown bug?

Out of my memory and please forgive me I don’t test this today, this works for a monk in unarmed combat style (different animation and very nice you did that by the way) with two attacks on one Whirlwind Attack.
For my today’s test fighter and his unarmed combat style, it works with only one attack per Whirlwind Attack use. Just to mention this too.

Whirlwind Attack is therefore worse at the moment than Cleave. Because I can use another (active) attack like Momentum Swing later and the start of auto attack is delayed. The delayed start of the normal attacks are only noticeable if you watch the damage massages. By animation, everything is fine and this make it appear there is no delay.

So what I would like to see is:

Make it at last at last working exactly like Cleave.

Or give Whirlwind Attack the second attack you see with the combat animation.

Just a wish of mine is this:
To change Whirlwind Attack I would suggest the general direction to have something similar to Many Shot but for melee fighting. Something I can rarely use but if I use it it got some kind of an awesome effect.
Balanced by
the numbers of attacks/time the cool down
the weapon dice increase (or decrease)
the possibility of a combination with ED
can you move while you do like the Tasmanian Devil in this cartoon?
Or is it like the Spiked Chain Attack (Shadar-kai enhancements)

And because this is something similar but not very important.
When I use the Cleave like Enhancements from the Knight of the Chalice (Exalted Cleave and Avenging Cleave) to fast the second one does nothing. Therefore I use only one of them together with the normal Cleave, because this works. Otherwise I have always to remind me to not click it to fast.
(but this happened for me a while ago)