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01-09-2015, 12:03 PM
I hesitate to bring up the idea of yet another crafting system but this one has bugged me since I joined DDO and with the recent producer's letter indicating some updates to crafting I though I would bring it up.

When I played D&D, there was limitted crafting of consumables based on class. I had thought this was part of the system but a quick look in my old manual indicates it was probably some sort of house rule. It was simply that most spell casting classes could craft some sort of consumables.

We already have this, within a limited sense, in DDO. Rogues can create traps and grenades of sorts. Artificers can craft collars for their pets (and probably grenades of some sort too). I think it should be expanded.

Wizards should be able to create scrolls from the spells in their spell books.

Sorcerers should be able to create wands from their spells. I chose this mostly because Wizards have scrolls and it doesn't make sense to me that a sorcerer would use writing to craft their spells.

Personally, I would not have Bards create magic items (because their magic is more in their music) but people would complain, so have bards create trinkets (if that isn't too difficult) that are destroyed once the last charge is used up. If that is too complicated, they could make wands like the sorcerers do.

Clerics (and probably paladins, rangers and druids) should be able to create potions of appropriate spells.

With all the collectible and ingredients we already have, this does not need anything new added to the game. The existing crafting workstations (used by rogues and artificers) could simply be expanded and the ingredients for each chosen from existing materials.

For potions, simply select a variety of the collectibles currently used for turn-ins for elixers.

For scrolls, make use of the papers already used in collectibles along with some of the under-used collectibles and/or ingredients.

Wands could be made with whatever ingredients are not used by the other consumable types. Given the large number of charges (50 on a full wand), I suspect these would use a considerable number of each ingredient type.

Ideally, the creator of the item should have to know (and have prepared) the spell appropriate to the item and the caster level of the item is the caster level of the creator at the time of creation but I suspect that is considerable more programming than simply updating whatever tables are used to define the current crafting system at workstations.

This leaves fighters, barbarians, and monks without anything to craft. From a story perspective this makes sense. These classes are about improving their own fighting abilities, not making special items. I would, however, suggest that the fighters and barbarians be able to use a crafting workstation (along with appropriate ingredients chosen from those that already exist) to repair permanent damage to items.

I don't like monks (unless playing oriental adventures) and so I leave them out. I expect others will make appropriate suggestions on what (or if) they should have a class specific crafting ability.

01-14-2015, 03:42 AM
i quite agree with you, tho i think we should have a more general feel to the whole thing.

i think the best way to go about this is by using the lore feats gained from classes to determinate what we can craft
i think there is such an item intended to emulate the wand creation and recharging, the wand bracer, while it's not in the game, it's description is still on wands. from what i hear the bracer has a slot in which you put a wand in and acts as a clickie; and uses the stone of change as a method to "slot", and the problem i hear is the bracer itself disappear upon the depletion of the spell charges.

i think you should be able to craft potions/wands using the current crafting essences as this will give more use to mats. the spells able to craft should be base on the lore, and possibly the more times you have the lore, the more power version you create

01-14-2015, 06:46 AM
I think that they would probably rather keep most consumables as a limited supply rather than have them creatable by players. Creating traps and grenades is due to a feat that Rogues and Artificers get for free, but they are not considered very effective.
I'm fairly sure that any class can use crafting workstations to do things like create pet collars. I know that Druids certainly can as well as Artificers.

There are already potions, wands and scrolls for sale. Its a fairly safe bet that any spells not readily available through these are deliberately limited.
How would the player-made prices compare to the vendor, guild-discounted prices, and turn-ins?

In the edition of D&D that DDO is based on, item creation capabilities are granted by feats. Wouldn't that be better than having it limited by class?

01-14-2015, 07:04 AM
I wish that they had done crafting by the book but they haven't so lets not add more.

01-14-2015, 07:13 AM

Either revamp it to use the crafting feats as found in the game this is based on, or to use the alternate crafting method in Unearthed Arcana.