View Full Version : Just requesting links/ideas

12-31-2014, 10:00 AM
I'm in a bit of a time crunch, due to moving cross-country, but thought I'd ask now so I'd have something to come back to once this move from **** is over with.

I've briefly looked around these forums at the different builds, and noticed one or two that interested me. (I think one was Unbongwah's halfling build, and the other was a WF by... Cthru, I think?) Basically, just looking for a first-life build with good solo ability/party utility, that I could take up to the epic levels before TRing. I don't care if it's pure, or has splashes of other classes (just no monk, please. I have enough monk splashes in my other alts).

I have VIP, and access to 32-point builds. All races are open, along with Shadar-kai and Morninglord iconics. Only tomes would be whatever I get through favor, or if I get ridiculously luck with a loot drop.

I appreciate any links or builds you can throw my way, and look forward to reading them once we stop for the night.