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12-29-2014, 04:21 PM
Ok so I have posted a few posts before letting new players know they could send me tells here or in game and I would be happy to help. I have helped quite a few people with various things some new and some vets returning.

With the addition of champions I see a LOT of new AND older players complaining about them. To be honest out of my last 10 TR lives I had died zero times before lvl 15. Yesterday alone I died 4 times in proof is in the poison and a few more times elsewhere. We are all adapting =).

If ANYONE...new or old...would like a little help with quests or maybe just leveling in general, message me in game or here. I play the 4 people in my sig a lot. Messaging me here is generally better that way we can set up times.

If you are F2P I will help as I can when time allows. Unfortunately F2P won't be able to enter a LOT of quests I do but I will help with what I can.

If you can do VIP I would HIGHLY recommend you try it at least for a month or 2. It is cheap entertainment and you get a lot of perks.
Extra xp from every quest/slayer areas
Faster run in town
Silver dice rolls each day
1 Gold dice roll per week
Access to every quest except Wheloon and EveningStar
1 free pass every saga you run
Other things I am probably missing

If you go VIP I would be happy to take you through almost every quest if you have similar playing times I do.

I would be happy to give you most loot from chests if ya want or need it. Half the time I only take gems and mats and that's it.

I play on the Sarlona server.

My playing times are generally 8pm-Midnight PST and 6am-10am PST with Wed/Thurs generally off.

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you have ANY questions or need ANY help.

And no I am not doing this because I am a saint...the more people playing and playing as VIP the better it is for the game.

Again don't hesitate to send me a tell in game or PM me here. Right now I am mainly playing Hirtz and Ziffin with Hirtz TRing and Ziffin staying at Epic for awhile.

I run EVERYTHING on Elite...I don't care if you die...I will come back for your stone if possible. Its amazing how many people feel they need to apologize if they die in a quest and also how surprised a lot of players are when I stop and come get them to rez them. Yes I zerg a lot as I am trying to get a lot of XP in but you will get a lot of favor/TP's also. Just be able to at least hear voice as I don't like typing in game.

12-29-2014, 04:46 PM
Can you get rid of Champions in heroics? If not, then you're no help to me.

12-29-2014, 04:50 PM
Can you get rid of Champions in heroics? If not, then you're no help to me.

Salty much? He has an honorable cause, and is trying help, no need to get sour about it. ^_^

12-29-2014, 04:50 PM
Any chance of a dev deleting his post plz? Not sure why he feels that he needs to jump in and post someplace where someone is trying to help players? Lots of champion threads out there why come here and deliberately hijack a thread trying to help new players?

01-02-2015, 05:00 PM
Anyone who doesn't know yet. If you are in the level ranges of 18-28 and have never raided or are still new at it - read the following:


Ginger is awesome at learning raids from and is very helpful and patient. If you are wanting to get into raiding or would like to learn about the raids talk to him about what levels he is after for these raids. Some will be heroic content raids and some will be epic.

If you aren't sure about what flagging you need feel free to send me a tell in game or PM me here and I will see about helping you out.

If you are still low level feel free to send me a tell as I am still helping players of all levels. My lowest right now is 9 I think (Duskh my Paladin) and my Arty is 16 I think and he will TR as soon as he hits 20.