View Full Version : Revamped Adventure Compendum / Adventures

12-26-2014, 04:08 AM
I find it really hard when I start playing a char that I haven't played for some time to remember what quests I have run on what difficulty. Meaning that I need to know if I am going to get a first time bonus for a quest.
The problem might be that if I have run something on Epic Elite I do not know if I have run that on epic hard. If I have not then running on ehard will give me first time bonus which would be optimal when I do an etr.
So I would propose something like

The Chamber of Rayium 12(22 Epic) The Free Agents HN HH [HE] [EN] [EH] EE 24 0

The only difference would be that instead of the hardest difficulty I have completed a dungeon it would be all difficulties and a box or highlight if I have run a specific difficulty.
I am not sure how feasible is this code-wise but I guess most of the code behind already exists.

I guess the whole adventure compendum could get some revamp but it depends on priorities etc :)