View Full Version : Looking for some build input(monkcher-ish)

12-09-2014, 04:07 PM
Hello everyone, im making my triumphant (a one sided statement!:P) return to ddo after a year or so break, and since i have a lack of interest in playing any of my current characters i have avaliable im looking for some advice on a build idea or to be pointed in the right direction for it.

I'd like to try and build something simular to what i was playing before my hiatus, although im not sure if it's really viable given all the changes to the game. it was a paladin/monk with ranger splash it was a good bit of fun being a ranged pajama wearing paladin. i'd like to create something similar to that, with your help of course.

i was thinking maybe 12 ranger 5 monk and maybe 3 druid? i would like to go elf if possible on a first life(probably not the best idea), i have access to 32 point builds and atleast +2 tomes.

My thinking is i could get some AA with a little DWS and mystic in there and with the druid splash it would open up the choice of reaving roar/fatal plus some quick access to meta magics and a slight boost to pos spell power, and the pet for flavor/lever puller... doubt he would be of much use past that.

However im not entirely sure where to go beyond that where stats/feats and leveling order are concerned. like should i go strength based or wiz based? i'll have to grab zen archery so i can stay centered with a bow (kind of the point of monk and all that) but i cant remember if it overrides bow strength or not.

anyway, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, tales of idiocy all that fun stuff would be much appriciated. :)