View Full Version : Cards to Khyber

12-06-2014, 12:08 PM
Here is what i have on other servers. I don't have any 9/10/11-- never got one on all my rolls last year.

Gallandra: 1x I, 2x II, 1xIII, 2x IV, 1xV, 1x VI, 1x VII, 1x viii
Sarlona: 1x each of: I, II, III, V
Argo: 6x I, 4x ii, 4x III, 3x IV, 3x V, 2x VI, 1x VII, 4x VIII
Orion: 1x I. 4x II, 0X III, 2X VI, 3X V, 3X VI, 6X VII, 6X VIII
Cannith: 1x EACH II, III, IV, V

I may have some more on an alt. Not much to trade, but what the heck :)