View Full Version : PDK FvS/Ftr/ Rog or Arti?

12-04-2014, 11:39 AM
I am theory crafting my next life and have decided on a CHA Based SwF PDK 15 FvS/3 Ftr/2 Rog or Arti. I have multiple past lives (Arti, Rog, Monk (2), Druid (3), Wiz, Cleric, Sorc, FvS, Ftr, Barb, Epic Completionist, BF and SDK Iconic). I solo a lot so the ability to open locks and disable traps is very important too me. The main reason for not being set on Rogue vs Artificer, is with Fighter 3 I can have the more advanced Def stance and get a bonus to HP in Medium armor or higher, which would negate evasion but Rogue was more skill points. I have a fully upgraded Toven's Hammer which would work great with a SwF character.

So would a few more skill points and potential evasion at the loss of bonus HP be more beneficial compared to using a Rune Arms to boost damage? Final note I tend to run EN/EH so being to perfectly Solo EE is not required. If this build is fun then I would probably do a few ETRs before I ITR, for me DDO is the journey (TRs) and not the destination (End game).

01-15-2015, 05:37 PM
With MRR you can live without evasion if you want to go art. Frankly, I don't notice the difference between evasion and non-evasion characters much anymore outside of my characters with excessively high reflex saves.

I am not much of a fvs player, so I don't know how important 15 is, but if you can get 4 bard levels with cha + pdk swashbuckler takes swf to a whole nother level, plus it provides a lot of dodge. It also means (you'd have to drop traps) that you could still get the +hp enhancement and 25% dodge in light armor with a buckler.

I am currently playing a 14/4/2 bard/fighter/rogue but I could see how it might work just as well if you want like 13fvs/4bard/3fighter. I would actually go strength though, with divine might + all of the strength boosts available it quickly outpaces Cor Knight Training.

I have actually been considering dropping ym rogue levels for FVS and switching to str, but like you, i like to be able to disable and open locks.