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12-03-2014, 05:24 AM
To get a sorc past life for my completionist project I'd like to try something different: a quarterstaff sorc. I am unsure about the way to go and thus I am asking for advice/a build.

1.- The split: I think doing 12 sorc/6 rogue/2monk would work fine but there is probably better (maybe 2 fighter, less rogue levels)
2.- Enhancements: getting Tenser in the last EK tier or use the spell and go for the last tier in Thief Acrobat
3.- Race: Shadar-kai seems fine since you start at 15 (don't care getting to 28 as it takes more or less the same as 1-20 and is more fun). Self healing with scrolls 15-19, and EDs 20-28 or WF (or balde forged) to cast reconstruct
3.- Feats: no idea here, apart the THF line
4.- Gear have some decent gear for all levels but if there is a must-have, I can farm it

If there is already such a build posted, sorry for I have been unable to find it. Please direct me to it.
If some of the nice guys here good a creating builds would do one for me that would be much appreciated (any other advice as well)

Please note that this build is only to get the sorc past life, no intention to run EE solo or such.

Thanks in advance.

12-03-2014, 05:34 AM
Take the rogue tier 5, for sure.

12-03-2014, 05:45 AM
I just did a staff sorc life and went with this (http://demonmage.com/2013/11/completionist-life-9-sorcerer/) build. Dropped the cleaves for THF feats and stayed bladeforged for the recons.

DPS wasn't the best which is to be expected with a melee sorc, survivability was pretty great though. I thought about retooling for rogue instead of monk but it's a bit of a wash, better quick strike but no stances and 3 less feats. The clinchers was the fact that no one would ask me to do traps. :p

12-03-2014, 06:30 AM
Thanks for the advice so far.
On a side note I have 3 arty past lives, and maxed destinies. I have 1 of each past life except for sorc which is the only one I miss (working on ranger atm).
I have +5 tomes all around but for STR and CHA where I have +3.

I would like to have trapping skills, and so prefer to stick to rogue.

12-07-2014, 04:34 PM
Sorry to bump, but I am highly interested to know if there is such a build out there (don't like much casters).

12-07-2014, 06:08 PM
I'd do 12 sorc / 5 rogue / (3 fighter or Pally)
SD stance, & tier 5 acrobat staff, rest is really flavor
Would do bladeforge or warforge for recon in one way or the other or both.

Go with a strength build
You can probably use heavy armor with 0 asf, though may need a augment

Just be sure to have a 16 chr somehow for lvl 6 spells

stats probably +/- some
level order: 1 rogue then probably 6/7 sorc for haste/displace then 2 more rogue then 3 ftr then 5/6 sorc & then 2 more rogue

12-07-2014, 06:12 PM
12 sorc 5 rogue 3 palie harmor whatever, or wf addie armor whatever.

Totaly ignore evasion.
You dont need it

Or if fleshie sorc, you can do a 12 sorc 6 monk 2 rogue and use t5 in henshin for the nice aoe heal

12-07-2014, 06:20 PM
I would go 9Sorc/6Monk/5Rogue Dex based

Monk gets you Shadow Veil plus dodge
Rogue gets you tier 5 staff mastery plus dodge
Sorc gets you EK tree for some nice defense plus buffing spells

I ran this for a few lives on my thief acrobat and absolutely destroyed things. It is VERY powerful in heroics and still holds its own in Epics.

Your attack speed is off the charts plus you have a constant 25% doublestrike bonus from your rogue staff tree. Focus on your Rogue staff tree as the monk tree is not nearly as good.

12-07-2014, 06:21 PM
Oh and I would go Halfling for healing marks plus dex bonuses plus its just badass =)