View Full Version : Visibility of Champion Creature Buffs

11-27-2014, 05:19 PM
So I was reading about the Champion thing and have to say I really like the concept!

Then logged to Lamaland to see for myself. as I played a few quests It was easy to see what mobs were champions, They get the nice crown over their head,

Real nice you might think but the crown doesn't tell me anything. Now I have to hard target (tab) and examine (z) and hover over with my mouse to see the buffs, Great! ... hmm well ... hard targeting is bugged with multiple mobs and pc's you loose the hard target and thus the examine window. this is ok in if you are just running way over level to check out new stuff but in the heat of battle at level it makes these things undoable.

So I suggest to give the buffs that are on a Champion visible "icons" under the "bars" of the "focus-orb"


Actually coming to think about it, it would be nice if all buffed mobs would show their buffs in this way, for purposes of adjusting and/or dispelling. That way you only have to memorize the buff Icons and be able to adjust in seconds rather than having to do a study into each champion you encounter.

P.S. will add picture later need to figure out how this is done first, Edit: WOOT it worked !

11-27-2014, 06:35 PM
nice idea!

12-12-2014, 12:11 PM
Well what I saw coming has happened, there is no other tell to what the buffs are on a champion other than knowing it is one. and in the midst of battle there is no time to select press Z and mouse over all the buffs! just ran into a mob of champions (5 of them) in a level 2 quest, great ! ! since I have so much options so early in the game ! before I could even examine one I was a stone. Till that point the champions seemed quite balanced, but with no way to react quickly to them is ridicules, especially when more than one spawn on top of you there needs to be a way to prioritize.

So again devs! make these buff Icons visible under the focus orb please!