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11-03-2014, 07:28 AM
I know I've asked this before and I'm sure others have too but it's about time it had its own thread:

Guild Renown Bonuses

These are just plain wrong-headed!

Why are their only 3 Guild Types first of all?

Guilds go up to 1000 Characters right?
So why are 2 out of 3 Renown Bonuses based on 30 or less Accounts? {That's 30+ Characters per Account - I know I have 28 on Cannith but I'm an EXCEPTION not the RULE!}

I propose a change to Guild Sizes:

1-25 Accounts = Tiny {+300% Renown}
26-99 Accounts = Small {+100% Renown}
100-250 = Medium {No Bonus}
251-500 = Large {-25% Penalty}
501-1000 = Huge {-50% Penalty}

This would give an incentive to create REAL Guilds rather than alt parks or one man 6 account Guilds!

EVERY Player added up to 25 would be a net benefit to a Guild no matter how little they played!

IF a Guild has 25 Players earning renown regularly AND 6 players really pumping it out with Sagas then the reduction from 300-100% for moving to 26 would be far less painful than the current situation is for 6 man Guilds!

There'd also be a lot less incentive for waiting until you've basically maxed your Guild Level before open recruiting!
Which let's face it is a pretty Lore-Breaking {AND Backwards in Reality} concept!

When a Real Life Nightclub for Example becomes famous it tends to drop in quality!
When an English Chippy wins an award you can guarantee that the Fish and Chips will drop in Quality and you know its time to go elsewhere!

The New York Yankees didn't get where they are today with 6 people!
Real Madrid constantly recruit the best of the best and continue to do so even as the most famous football team on the Planet!

Let's place the onus on building a Guild of People rather than getting the required level for ALL BUFFS!

NOT Saying to remove the Buffs!
NOT Saying to allow a Lvl 1 Guild to have all Buffs!

What I'm saying is that the Buffs should come as they come and what a Guild is REALLY about is the PEOPLE!

Guild Decay

There's 200 Guild Levels now and you {Devs} messed up with Lvl 150+!
You promised to bring back Decay for Lvl 150+ Guilds but there's Lvl 200 Guilds stating that they lose 1-5k renown per day {THAT IS A JOKE!}.
To keep Lvl 200 Should be a constant pain!
1-5k is a 10 minute blip!

Lvl 150 - You've earned it - No matter what...You keep it so long as no one leaves!
151-160 - Guild Decay of 50k per day {In a 6 man Guild one person must earn a standard Saga worth of Renown to cover the Decay!}
161-175 - Guild Decay of 250k per day {In a 6 man Guild one person must earn a Renown Pot Saga worth of Renown to cover the Decay!}
176-190 - Guild Decay of 500k per day!
191-199 - Guild Decay of 1 million per day!
200 - Guild Decay of 2.5 million per day!
Add 3 million to the total Earnable Guild Renown so that Lvl 200 Guilds don't constantly slip back to 199 day in day out!

A 6 man Guild would have real problems keeping up the renown gain for these levels!
Therefore incentivising recruitment!