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10-30-2014, 12:56 AM
Original post here: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/448044-14-Paladin-6-Monk-Plonkcher Thank You Rull for posting!!
OP hasnt really followed up so I will
My rework: There are 2 possible builds with similar outcomes.
14pally/6monk Sunelf Int to dmg w/+1 lesser TR or Elf Dex to dmg with no lesser TR. I have been playing the Int version for 3 weeks now. Dex version works well on paper but I havent tested it.

14 pally for holy sword 6 monk for 10k stars.

Stats: 36 points all +4 tomes
8str - dumped but 23 at cap
15 dex or 16 w/+5 tome - 1 level up here w/o tome 41 - cap
12 con - i like my 1100 Hp at cap - 39 cap
15 int 40 cap
18 wis - 6 levels up here - 48 cap
12 cha - 32 cap

Monk: Precision
Rapid shot
Precise shot
Improv crit range
Improv precise shot
master of forms

combat archery
Blinding speed

5 core
2 arcanum
1 AA
AA tree:
2 core
Energy x3
Aware x3
Inferno shot x3
Force x3
Wis x2
Terror x1
Paralyze x1
Core x3
Harp enchant x1
Strat combat 1
Angles x3
Vers adept x3
Strat combat 2
core x1
Sacred Defender: possible to switch for KOTC; depends on playstyle. I like my saves.
Core x2
Extra hands x3
Resilient defense x2
Bulwark aura x3
Res aura x3

Eidlions necklace upgraded w/+2 int slotted
Epic lintany w/+2 wis slotted
Wise 10 cloak
Epic belt of thoughtful rem w/soul gem slotted
Draconic ring: 20% HAMP
Iron mitts w/+8 cha slotted
Epic boots on the innocent or +10 seeker when using TF bow
Epic eye of the beholder
Epic ethereal bracers
Shadowsacle armor w/+2 char and +40 life
Hp gs goggles or epic mentau when using TF bow
Epic or mythic minos

Pinion for anything that's not undead
TF with 35% armor pierce for undead. TF does an additional +3 damage but only has 20% crit vs pinion's 30%.

Fully maxed out adren slayers on rolls that are not 19 or 20 are around 10-12k. And can be upwards of 18k on 19-20's in earth stance.
Even if you're not running in Fury the build pumps out a massive amount of dps for a burst damage toon.
Wisdom of 48 in water stance gives you a nice number for 10k stars.
Saves are decent, running usually in the low 70's. I dont have +3 past lives either.

Overall, I love this build. I ran a 12/6/2 monkcer before this build and hated it. This build turned my least favorite toon into my most favorite toon.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed.