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10-29-2014, 05:39 PM
With the discussion of changing healing amp (a stupid idea given that healing sucks in this game), I’m going to propose a thumbnail sketch of a healing re-vamp for U24 (we can only hope).

What are the problems with healing as they exist today:

1) The traditional party (DPS / Traps / Heals) is dead.

2) Your basic, all-purpose healing item is CSW pots. And for high HP toons, they suck.

3) There are not a lot of healing amp items out there. They killed that as an attribute on equipment.

4) For most toons that do not use CHR as a base stat, getting a decent UMD score is next to pointless.

5) All of the above factors are forcing players to multi-class for heals, or splitting PrEs just to cover healing.

6) Heal and Repair kits are…well…useless.

7) The Heal skill is next to useless for most classes.

8) Better healing pots can be found, but the number of collectables required make it something you can only get in your NEXT life, not the current one.

9) Silver Flame pots require having Silver Flame favor that would take most people into lvl 16 before these would be available – and this assumes that you can solo each of those quests on Elite.

10) The only semi-decent non-class means of healing is Cocoon, and you don’t get that until part-way into lvl 20 (assumes that you pick the correct destiny right off the bat).

I estimate that lvls 12 – 20 are what’s killing most players as it comes to healing. People who have multiple lives – healing is no big deal. But you get a new player that rolls a fighter toon? Solo is going to be a nightmare starting at lvl 12.
So, how do you fix it? Well, fixing one or a couple – in my opinion – is nothing more than a bandage over a gaping wound. Here is what I recommend:

1) Leave the current wands / pots / scrolls alone.

2) Leave the spell-casting healing mechanic alone.

3) Make healing kits work with a toon’s Heal skill modifier to restore HP. Use a similar formula for the rest shrines, but make it 10 + (1d4 x (character level + heal skill + heal skill modifiers)). So, say a lvl 10 player with a Heal skill of 8 uses a +5 healing kit, and has a +7 Heal item. They roll a 2. The player therefore heals themselves for 10 + (2 x (10 + 8 + 5 + 7)) which is 70 HP.

4) Keep healing amp as it is (10 / 20 / 30%), and factor it in after he healing equation. So 10% healing amp, using in the previous example) would net you 77 HP healed. Having 30% would give you 91 HP.

5) Use the same methodology for repair.

6) Leave UMD alone.

7) Make using a healer kits take as long as it takes to lay a trap.

8) Add heal / repair kits that go up to +15.

9) Change the Self Sufficient feat to add +4 to your Heal / Repair skill, and allow it to be taken multiple times. In the aforementioned example, with Self Sufficient as a feat, your heal would go from 70 to 78. Add 10% healing amp, and that number goes from 78 to 85 (rounding down). Taking two Self Sufficient feats give you 86 HP w/o healing amp.

Essentially, at level 10, a melee toon is going to be sitting at 200 to maybe 300-some HP on average. One heal kit in that example is somewhere in the range of 20 – 30% of your HP in a single use. Add a longer cool-down on the healer kits than pots, and you can alternate between kits and pots for healing, and not require a high UMD score. And as you level, the amount you heal would be FAR more than having to rely on CSW pots alone.

And in the previous example, assuming you took one Self Sufficient feat, let’s say you roll a 4. That gives you 146 HP (130 HP without). Hit lvl 17 with one Self Sufficient feat, and this nets you 174, assuming the same roll (4), same items (+7 heal item), same heal skill, no healing amp, and same healer kit. That less than half of your HP in a single use, but still FAR better than CSW pots.


10-29-2014, 05:47 PM
1) The traditional party (DPS / Traps / Heals) is dead.

It was alive?

If parties do not need healers, it's because healing is too easy, not the opposite.

10-30-2014, 12:28 PM
It was alive?

If parties do not need healers, it's because healing is too easy, not the opposite.

Yes, at one time, we waited to get a healer (or two) for a quest. Likewise, a trapper. No longer.

And it had nothing to do with "abundance" of healing per se'. It had to do with player attitudes. When people with healer toons decided that they wanted kills as opposed to healing party members (and now that it is an expectation that they rack-up kills), healers in parties died. So players adapted.

These suggestions only take us further down that road. But you can't tell me that running around with 2 stacks of 100 CSW pots on a 500 HP barb or fighter is considered an "abundance" of healing, because it ain't.