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10-28-2014, 04:29 PM
I'm looking for some focused feedback on this particular build. It was inspired by sirgog's Radiant Titan, though you'll see some key differences. My main goals were:
-Epic survivability: I'm probably not going to solo any reflex-save heavy EEs, but being a front line healer in EEs is very important to me.
-DPS: I'm a big guy swinging a big sword, I want to see big numbers cause it makes me happy.
-hjeals: I bring the hjeals.
Anyway, build inf0.

Lawful Good Half Orc Cleric 17/Paladin 2/Fighter 1

Empower Healing
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Improved Critical: Slashing
Two Handed Fighting
Improved Two Handed Fighting
Greater Two Handed Fighting
Overwhelming Critical
Perfect Two Handed Fighting
Perfect Two Weapon Fighting

Str 20Dex 10
Con 14
Int 10
Wisdom 12
Cha 10Enhancements

Epic Destiny

Head: Epic Seraphim
Necklace: Charismatic +9 Necklace of junk suffix
Trinket: Holy Symbol of Lolth
Cloak: Wise +9 of Wizardry IX
Belt: Health +9 of Dodge 9%
Ring1: Ring of Shadows
Gloves: Backstabber's Gloves (+2 insightful strength slotted)
Boots: Strength +8 of +40 HP
Ring2: Guardian's Ring
Bracers: Dexterous +9 of Speed VIII
Body: Cormyrian Red Dragonplate
Weapon: Epic Sword of Shadows (Meteoric Star Ruby and eGlobe of True Imperial Blood slotted)

My main concern here is that I would like to do more damage. I know this guy isn't going to hit as hard as my paladin, but any suggestions that can be offered to improve my DPS are much appreciated. As far as gear, I've made plans for epic black scale set, but beyond that I'm kind of lost, especially when it comes to keeping devotion slotted.

10-28-2014, 11:29 PM
This is extremely similar to the build I ran this time last year, which was a half orc 17 cleric / 2 fighter / 1 wizard. I had the same feats, except because of the wiz splash I was able to add blinding speed (which I would now use to take epic damage reduction). Now running in a dwarf15 cleric / 3 pally / 2 monk.

A few thoughts -

- With the divine grace nerf, 2 pally may not give you enough in terms of saves. You may need to splash deeper if you want EE useful saves.

- 17 cleric isn't the standard anymore, mass heal as a spell is virtually dead. Don't be afraid to go lower - you will still be a fine party/raid healer.

- Consider the KoTC tree if splashing pally. Lots of goodies.

- Your gearset is outdated in my opinion, I disagree with most all of it. You should have lots of epic orchard items in there. Epic Boots of Innocent and Epic Emerald glaze for sure you should be wearing. Epic Litany and Tier 3 Thunderforged weapon if you are willing to grind the raids. Epic Chord of Reprisal and Epic Mentau's goggles are also awesome for this build. Other items from orchard you can consider are Epic Minos and Epic Thoughtful Remembrance.

- Iron Mitts from Epic Three Barrel Cove are very nice as a source of vitality and 30% healing amp

- Epic Seraphim is a turning helm. Use Epic Emerald glaze instead, the tiny bit of extra healing power isn't worth it. I'd highly recommend you slot a devotion augment in your weapon, it's only a very minor loss in DPS and opens up an additional gear slot for you.

- You for sure want Shadow Full Plate with guardian upgrade for your armor unless you don't care about epic elite, if which case you don't need the 60 DR.

- Forget about concentration, you have quicken and it will be useless in epics anyway. I'd invest in balance or jump. Probably forego UMD as well unless you have something in particular you are going for.

Main thing for getting your melee DPS up there is fitting in every last point of STR, deadly, damage bonuses and seeker that you can.

Good luck.

10-29-2014, 03:45 PM
Thanks for your reply! I have a couple of thoughts, as well as some points of clarification.

-This character has a long and storied history. He's got very spotty gear because, for a long time, I had deleted him. So I've found a real need to gather better gear for him.
-This is also why I still am at 17 cleric for Mass Heal, old habits die hard.
-You've now got me heavily considering 15 cleric/5 paladin for better healing and DPS. I originally reinc'd this guy almost a year ago, when you still needed the cleaves for OC. But now, more paladin for saves + KOTC is looking very tempting.

-Funny you should mention that, I pulled 2 sets of the Boots of the Innocent last night and put a set on this guy.
-Is Shadow Dragonplate with Shadow Guardian really worth it? I was under the impression that the DR was still negligible in EEs. I haven't tried it out myself. I was, however, considering Emerald Gaze with Emerald Guard because it covers some nice stuff and has some side bonuses with the PRR/MRR boost, but I was under the impression that the black scale set was still best-in-slot.
-I am a heavy plate user, btw, so my PRR is already around 130 and my MRR 70. Anything I can do to boost that is bueno.
-I've already got a set of the Iron Mitts, I ditched em for the backstabber's for the sneak attack bonus. Maybe I could do Shadow Killer on my armor instead?
-Epic Chord looks pretty nice, though all I'm getting out of it is 2 slots, Charisma, Sheltering, and Daze. Still, might be a nice stopgap while I farm out other stuff.
-As far as concentration, I do have quicken. But I do still scroll heal/rez sometimes, and concentration is nice for that. I'll probably ditch UMD for balance though.

EDIT: Almost forgot, RE:Thunderforged weapons. Is the eSoS really truely finally outdated for end-game? More specifically, would t2 TF falchion beat it out? I ask because while I don't mind farming, I want to know if I can use a t2 in the meantime and not lose DPS.

10-29-2014, 04:35 PM
- With the divine grace nerf, 2 pally may not give you enough in terms of saves. You may need to splash deeper if you want EE useful saves.
Cleric 17 / pal 3 is one option: defensive stance for +25 PRR, +3 saves (on top of +11 from Div Grace if/when the nerf goes live), and +20% HPs for 13 APs is a pretty big boost, esp. if OP wants a frontline melee healer.

- 17 cleric isn't the standard anymore, mass heal as a spell is virtually dead. Don't be afraid to go lower - you will still be a fine party/raid healer.
True, but Energy Drain is situationally useful too, since it has no DC check, only SR. But if he's willing to go lower, I would consider cleric 15 / pal 4 / ftr 1; that provides access to T4 KotC or SD enhs.

I would also take Ameliorating Strike from WP; a free AoE heal every 15 secs on top of auras & bursts is pretty sweet.