View Full Version : Improved Shield Bash... how does this work?

10-15-2014, 11:17 PM
From the wiki:

Improved Shield Bash enables the character to retain the shield bonus to his armor class when using shield bash, and grants an automatic shield bash increased chance of 20% when attacking while stationary with a one-handed weapon and shield - if you meet certain other requirements. You'll actually see your character performing the bash when it happens, although it's a quick combination-animation that does not slow down your normal attack rate.

Shield bashing is the act of attacking with a shield. It is performed by making a standard attack while blocking and wearing a shield.

The shield's Damage Reduction bonus is negated while shield bashing. Also, the shield's shield bonus to Armor Class is similarly negated, unless you have the Improved Shield Bash feat.

Note: You will be unable to shield-bash if auto-attack is enabled, unless you have the Improved Shield Bash feat, in which case your character will automatically bash while blocking, if your target is close enough.

So... How is shield bash actually used? From reading this it looks like (with improved shield bash) you equip a shield and attack normally (not blocking and attack, but swinging the main hand weapon) and you get shield bashes in addition to the mainhand attacks based on your shield bash percentage (up to a cap of once per second.)

Is this correct?

10-15-2014, 11:39 PM
yes, thats correct. equip a weapon and shield, and you'll swing your shield out as part of your normal attack routine based on your shield bash %, you'll actually see the sheild swing out when it happens.