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10-12-2014, 05:00 AM
Hello Turbine Folks,

is there any chance that you might publish some game credits? I would be personally interested in the different narrators of quests and adventure packs. Let me worship the guy who recorded "A cry for help". Heeeelp me pleeeaase.

And since you made at least one stream with a quest designer (I am not up-to-date on streams, there may be more) I'd like to know who designed what quest.

Nothing big, maybe just a list of who did what and when.

If there this information is out there in the interweb already, I would be greatful for a link or something similar.

Thank you in advance,

10-13-2014, 12:03 PM
The credits are not directly linked to quests, and are not all-inclusive, but are available on the character selection screen by pressing the Credits tab.

I agree that we need to do more "sit down with the person who made it" livestreams! Expect more of that in the future.

10-14-2014, 01:12 PM
I'd like to worship the guy who narrated ToD, specifically when he says "... Eberron burns ..." (the wilderness area is indeed quite burned place and very well done and I always "hear" that narration in my mind when exploring the wilderness).

It's hard to explain all the feeling, the "... Eberron burns ..." narration was done so perfectly well, I've ran ToD so many times and every single time I've waited for that moment, that moment ("... Eberron burns ...") was just before the room of shadows while party was running up the stairs (and the feeling was even deeper when I had responsibility to do shadowtanking, when lvl cap was 20 it was always some uncertainty and thus so much fun).

10-14-2014, 01:55 PM
I agree. There are some magic moments in DDO that create at least a tingling in my spine. "Eberron burns" is one of them.

Thanks for the Info, Cordovan.