View Full Version : Any useful U23 gear for my build?

09-19-2014, 11:26 AM
Try as I might, I can't find anything useful in the U23 gear. Here is what I have currently:

Named Items:
Dumathoin's Bracers (Bracers): Natural Armor +10, Elemental Resistance +45, Sheltering +30, Blue Augment Slot, Dexterity +11
Dragon Masque (Helm): Insightful Sneak Attack Bonus +6, Deception, Deadly XI, Shadow Spike, Yellow Augment Slot, Colorless Augment Slot
Dark Diversion (Necklace): Occultation, Assassination +4, Move Silently +20, Hide +20, Colorless Augment Slot, Green Augment Slot
Ring of Deceit (Ring): Charisma +8, Voice of Deceit (Bluff +20, Diplomacy +20, Haggle +20, Perform +20), Improved Deception, Yellow Augment Slot, Colorless Augment Slot
Intricate Field Optics (Insightful Intelligence +3, True Seeing, Spot +20, Yellow Augment Slot, Green Augment Slot)
Planar Focus of Prowess (+3 Insightful Constitution, Set: +4 Attack and Damage, +15 PRR)
Green Steel Smoke Gloves x3 (+45 HP, +6 dex skills, perma-blur, displacement clicky x2)
Goatskin Boots (Speed XV, Strength +8, Green Augment Slot, Colorless Augment Slot)
Thunderforged (Shadowscale) Shadow Killer Armor
Lvl 24 Cloak of Night (DR 10/good, invisibility guard) or Cloak of Adamantine Wolf (Exceptional Seeker +5)

Random Loot Items:
Belt (Con +10, Seeker 10)
Ring (Int +11, Resistance 10)

With all of those augments, I have +8 augments to all remaining stats, +2 insightful dex, str and wis, every blue guard (golems heart, crushing wave), +250 SP, feather falling, blindness immunity, +40 HP, Protection +8, ... actually everything I could want or need.

The only possible combo I see for U23 gear is using the new Assassinate helm (9% doublestrike, +4 assassinate) along with a deadly 10 necklace for fighting undead. The damage ends up being about the same, but at least I don't heal undead for 2-12 hp when I hit them like I do with the Dragon Masque. Using the Seal of House Avithoul will also get me some Insightful SA back with this trade.

For U23, I will likely replace Ring of Deceit with Seal of House Avithoul --> (Improved Deception, Sneak Attack +5, Insight SA +3, with either +2 insight Dex or Wis --> replacing a current +2 insight Dex or Wis augment with +8 Cha augment). I effectively lose 1 augment slot from this trade, while gaining +5 SA. I no longer need insightful Str +2 now that I will have Int based damage.

Any other ideas? I am at a complete loss. The lack of +11 Int items that are useful for a rogue and the lack of +3 insightful int locations are big problems.