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09-14-2014, 03:16 AM
The idea is a build that combines heavy Shadow armor + Tower Shield (prr/mrr/dr), paladin saves (until divine grace is changed that is at which point the build is probably dead) and sorc necro spells in Exalted Angel with sla damage for bosses.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

BF 18 Sorc, 2 Pal
18 cha, 19 con, 14 int (drop a little con or int if not a 36 point build)
8 str, 6 dex, 6 wis
All level ups in cha
+6 tomes all around (not really needed but thats what I have)

Skills: Spellcraft, Repair, Concentration, Balance

SF: Necro
GSF: Necro
Wiz past life
Adamantine Body
Empower (still debating if empower is the right choice)
ESF: Necro (or Great Cha depending on even/uneven cha score)
Great Cha
Epic Spellpower: (type depends on savant choice)

ED: Exalted Angel
+6 CHA
Leap of Faith
+3 Spell Pen
+ and few points to spend

+3 Necro DC
Energy Burst
+1 cha
(I am not epic compl on this character)

BF: 18 ap
- 50% fort
- 2/3 Inscribed Armor (-10% asf)
- 1/3 Mech Repair (+10% repair amp)
- 3/3 Scribing (Recon)
- 3/3 Warding (12 prr)
- Power of the Forge
EK: 22 ap
- 2 cores (-5% asf)
- Light Armor (-5% asf)
- 3/3 Toughness (15 hp)
- 2/3 Battlemage (2 conc/intim/spellcraft)
- 3/3 Improved Mage Armor and 3/3 Improved Shield (10 prr)
- 3/3 Arcane Barrier
- +2 cha
Air or Fire Sav: 40 ap
- +2 cha
- unspecified

Optinally, if cha ends up uneven:
- drop 7 ap from BF losing 12 prr and Power the Forge and spend those in Harpers for 1 cha, 20 sp, 10 hp

Noteable gear:
Shadowscale Heavy Docent (30 dr/60dr) (focus is on level 28 for this build)
Skyvault Towershield (no arcane spell failure, not proficient)
-15% asf augment

09-26-2014, 03:10 AM
Drop the paladin splash, you don't need it. Level 9 spells are important for a build like this.

You're wasting too many APs into bladeforged and EK. Both of these trees are extremely weak for casters. The marginal boosts to PRR are way too small. 6 AP in EK (tier 2 core -5% ASF) and 4 AP into BF (-15% ASF) is all you should ever have. The rest should go into maxing out air and fire trees. Air + fire is the highest DPS combination by a large margin. Both have max damage AoE nukes and the combination of conduction + immolation will beat any savant combination versus bosses.