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09-05-2014, 10:20 PM
I have a monkcher that I don't enjoy because I hate the downtime when you can't manyshot/10k stars. This is what I was thinking of playing (vs pure paladin as my other consideration) after the next update (holy sword TWF melee in heavy armor/shadow docent when furyshot is on cooldown).

Bladeforged Paladin 14/Ranger 6 (finish ranger levels by level 18)
S 8
D 14 + 5 tome (required for IPS for furyshot)
C 16
I 18 + 5 tome + 7 level ups + 11 item + 3 insight + 1 exceptional + 2 ship buff + 4 enh + 1 ED = 52
W 6
C 12 (8 if 32 point build)

1 Adamantine body
3 Precision
6 Insightful reflexes
9 IC pierce
12 IC ranged
15 PBS
21 OC
24 IPS
27 Blinding speed
28 First blood

Harper 26 ap - strategic combat I/II, know the angles 3, +4 int, versatile adept I/II/III 9 MP/RP
AA 32 ap - core 3, energy of the wild 3, arrow of slaying
bladeforged 11 ap - imp fort 50%, repair amp 15%, communion of scribing 3
kotc 11 ap - core 3 (2d6 light damage), 4 extra smites, exalted cleave

ED: FOTW (18MP, 250 slayer arrow x 4 crit x 5 adrenaline x 4 manyshot = 20k before other damage)
Twists (14 fate points): Balanced attacks or Grim precision (6), Pin (5), +1 int (3)

+21 int mod would be:
+21 hit
+31 damage primary hand, +20 damage offhand (about the same as +34 mod normally or 78 strength)
+31 damage with bows (about the same as a 72 strength but you can "ignore" dex)
+21 reflex saves
lots of skill points

It lost 9 MP/RP in the last lamannia build.

09-23-2014, 04:10 PM
I ask because I already have greensteel and epic antique and Cleave as well as the Pinion....Good weapons to cast aside.

09-23-2014, 04:22 PM
why would you go int based? on a paladin especially...

going str based has more sources of short duration buffs, and also means you dont have to spend as many points in harper. plus kta is sp based, and there is lots of sp drain in the new raid.

09-24-2014, 09:33 AM
How is going INT-based on this build superior to a conventional STR+CHA build? :confused: Particularly since you're hurting your saves with low-ish CHA, you still have access to more STR bonuses than INT (e.g., Ram's Might, SD defensive stance or Primal Scream), you waste a feat on IR, and you tie up a lot of APs in Harper.

09-24-2014, 11:57 AM
I have a monkcher that I don't enjoy because I hate the downtime when you can't manyshot/10k stars.

So you make an archer that has even more downtime between manyshots? Melees in fury are worse than LD/DC I hear.

A monkcher has enough feats to spec for twf wraps or shortswords, especially now that you won't need cleaves for OC.