View Full Version : Coup De Grace with Runearm

09-02-2014, 03:25 PM
I have been working on this with my 14/4/2 Bard/Artificer/Rogue build. What I have noticed is that I was not getting any landings of this ability on Fascinated or Hypnotized mobs

Mind you at level 28 I only have a 85 Perform Skill.

So I decided to run some tests out in Epic Stormhorns...

Initial test was to Fascinate a group of mobs and then attempt a Coup De Grace on a single mob.

While wearing a runearm all I was getting was the +3[W] Bonus Damage

So then I took the runearm off, fascinated a similar group and then tried Coup De Grace. I was able to remove the whole group by simply Coup De Grace one, wait 15 seconds and do the next. I did this for 6 fascinated mobs.

I repeated these tests with Hypnotism using much lower level mobs in Kobold Assault as I wanted to make sure it stuck and lasted long enough to do testing.

Now I am able to use Coup De Grace and have it land with paralyzed, stoned and dazed mobs, just not Fascinated and Hypnotized.

Now mind you I'm probably a bit of an oddball in that I've Mixed Artificer in with my Swashbuckling bard - I just had so many runearms and repeaters that I just could not see not using them. I've also had a bunch of fun being able to SWF, step back and range as well as Dance through EE traps.

Now I've already submitted a bug report concerning this finding, but I thought I might put it out there to see if there are any other Runearm Coup De Grace users.

For the time being I've added a weapons set short cut to my hot bar so I can remove the Runearm when I'm just using Coup De Grace on a group of Fascinated mobs.