View Full Version : Issue with Cyclonic Blast.

08-27-2014, 05:35 PM

I play a WF force focused evocation archmage, and up until a few weeks ago I never had tried using cyclonic blast. I instead was using force missiles, but for some reason I decided to check out the SLA. I figured that with metamagic it would do more damage than force missiles.

It turns out that it does do a lot of damage, it one shots many mobs infact. The only issue I have with it however is it completely removes all AoE spells that are laid down. So I have to keep using caution not to spam it randomly in my rotation after casting things like incendiary cloud so that I don't end up wasting sp. I kind of wish that this removal of aoe effects was not in the spell effect, if I need to get rid of spell effects I have both gust of wind as well as dispel magic.

Also, I wish there was a target dummy for casters. I'm still experimenting a lot with spells to find out which are most efficient and useful. Maybe there should be a building that spawns various monsters to test out stuff on, perhaps on your guild's airship.