View Full Version : Proposal to Change Master's Blitz and Ascendance

08-26-2014, 03:07 PM
First, a description of Master's Blitz and Ascendance as they exist on Live:

Ascendance : Active Ability: (Cooldown 5mins) Transformation Assume angelic form (type outsider good, angel) . Any time you cast light damage spell, chance to gain temporary spell points. Any time you cast single target cure spells on a target, chance to give the target temporary HP. Any time you smite an enemy, chance to gain temporary HP. Your Angelic Presence and Astral Vibrance abilities do not have health requirements while in Angelic form. Astral Vibrance has no spell point drain while you are in Angelic form. Duration 2 minutes. (There's also some damage on vorpals and undead damage on crits.) Costs 50SP

Master's Blitz Epic Moment : Active Ability: (Cooldown 5 mins) The Master's Blitz counter increments each time a Tactical Feat is successfully used. When the counter reaches 50, you gain ability to use Master's Blitz. Activate For 15 seconds, you gain +50% dodge and deal +25% melee damage. Any time you kill an opponent while under the effects of Master's Blitz, you gain an additional stack of the melee damage bonus and restart the duration. If you are below 50% health when you first activate this ability, you start with two stacks of increased damage instead of one. The damage bonus stacks up to 10 times, and decrements by 1 each time you do not kill a worthy opponent within 15 seconds.


I suggest that Ascendance be turned into a toggle, like Druid's animal or Wizard's undead forms, and you adjust the offensive powers' damage downward to about half of what it is now. This would require the designers divorce themselves from the romantic and faulty idea of an 'epic moment' and understand that the connection to the Divine would be constantly epic. You'd probably have to cap Astral Vibrance and Angelic Presence to make this viable.


I think the Lamannia path for the power is the right one, but it doesn't go far enough. I suggest that killing a level appropriate mob increment the blitz counter by 12 seconds with no maximum time cap. Also, when the blitz level increases, it inherits the time from the previous stack unless the time left is under 12 seconds, in which case it becomes 12 seconds. This will allow a party member to contribute with blitz, and have a decent chance of maintaining his stack as long as the monsters keep coming.

08-26-2014, 03:33 PM
Maybe trim down Ascendances power, make it a toggle, and have a moment boost?

For blitz, they need to remove the countdown on the stacks and just have a general timer. 2 minutes seems to be the default for moments.