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08-20-2014, 08:03 PM
Anyone have a list handy? Even better would be the best 2 items for each slot - given we arent always magically able to get the best of everything.

Is Blue Dragon Armor and Helm still BiS? What TBC / Haunted Halls / new Raid gear should be aimed for? Etc.


08-20-2014, 09:03 PM
Check out Andoris's Pale Master Guide (https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/405017-Pale-Master-Guide).

08-20-2014, 09:17 PM

Andoris' guide is very good and has been useful to me as I try to gear out my wizard. My character doesn't have all of the rare raid and event loot that his does, so I've had to compromise in some cases.

Three newish items which I think are most useful to a PM are:

* Deathwyrm cloak, for negative energy healing amp and negative spellpower increase. It is available from chests in the explorer area and cheaply from the AH.

* Thunderforged caster implements for the best additions to your casting DCs, spell penetration and spellpower. A staff will provide an additional +1 DC over a single handed implement, but to boost your DC and bypass spell resistance at the same time you may prefer two one handed implements. It's probably ideal to get both if you can.

* Thunderforged caster robes, for an additional +1 to your DCs when fully upgraded.

The thunderforged gear does not take a long time to make for a DC caster because it doesn't have to be Tier 3 and therefore doesn't require any phlogistons from the raids. Your character will need to be Level 28 to use all of the items I've listed, but can be a lower level to use some of them.

Good luck with it.

08-21-2014, 03:11 AM
If it gives you some ideas, here's my setup:

Head: EE Shades Hood (Globe, 35 False Life)
Neck: Torc
Trinket: Litany
Cloak: Sage's Mantle - swap: Deathwyrm Cloak when enchant not needed)
Belt: Health/Dodge Lootgen
Boots: Orcish Privateer's Boots (20 Vitality) - swap: Sage's Shoes for webs
Gloves: EE Master Illusionist (+2 Enchantment)
Bracers: Epic Bracers of the Demon's Consort (+2 Con, +2 Necro)
Armor: Thunderforged Robe (+250SP, +2 Good Luck)
Googles: EE Intricate +3 Int (Draconic Soul Gem, +2 Illusion) - swap: 150 SP GS at quest start for buffs only
Ring1: Guardian's Ring (+2 Evocation)
Ring2: Lantern Ring (Spellpower, +2 Conjuration)
Weapon1: 100 Potency/+6 Evocation/17% Crit Thunderforged Kama (Meridian Fragment)
Weapon2: 150 Acid/+6 Necro Thunderforged Orb (138 Combustion)
Quiver: Quiver of Alacrity