View Full Version : low level twink gear for my wolf form what is good to have

08-13-2014, 10:39 PM
Ok I am working on outfitting my 4 level druid that is a Gingerspyce build.

so far i have found a full set of crono gear for 5th level
I made the heavy wooden shield or invulnerability like he said

I dragged on my old nicked scimitar

The ring of elemental essences

Trap blast goggles, bottle of air, shaagh's helm with 2 con slotted and 7 intimidate just a bunch of old lowbie goodies

But the thing is he never said much about what stuff I should use them first levels when I am in wolf form

what kind of collar and weapons he said something about hand wraps converting to my wolf form so what ok I looking for at this level or what should I craft for wolf form

any help here would really be great