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08-06-2014, 03:23 PM
spoiler: wow reference and comparison, as well as personal opinions and suggestions. viewer discretion is advised.

/wow reference/comparison
in wow, the warrior class has an ability called execute which can only be used when your target is at or below 20% (or was it 155? bit fuzzy on the specifics...) and dealt a crapload of damage. using this ability was very fun to me because once that button lit up all other concerns were secondary and id spam that execute until my target was dead or i was out of rage. it was both a fun and effective ability, which i think is lacking from the current ddo version.
/wow reference/comparison off

agd (a good death) currently causes your character to do an attack with +1 critical multiplier, and if used on an enemy with 20% or less health it deals an additional 500 damage, with a 30 second cool down. outside of the crit multi, i think this ability is a really good idea thats been poorly implemented.

in heroics, a 30 second cool down is forever, you just wont be able to use this very often. also, by the time a heroic level monster has 20% hp, that pretty much means its in the single or double digits. so infrequently used and overkill, not a good combo.

in epics, the 30 second cool down is still a long time but due to fights being generally longer its not quite as bad. but, unless it is one of the weaker epic monsters that 500 damage probably wont kill it at 20%. and if it did kill epic monsters at 20% hp then it wouldnt be necessary because 500 hp is one solid auto attack crit. so, infrequently used and not very useful, again not a good combo.

this ability is only really balanced for characters with low dps (this is a fighter and rogue ability btw) fighting enemies with around 2500 hp (if 20% = 1 shot by 500 damage, then 500*5 = 2500 total hp). i cant think of many situation where this actually occurs. maybe for new players first time in iq? otherwise finding an epic mob with 2500 hp that any fighter or rogue has trouble killing with just auto attacks will be impossible.

so, how to fix this? lets assume we are for sure going to keep the 20% health requirement for the extra on hit damage. id remove the +1 crit multiplier because either its redundant, or it is the whole reason to use this ability even with that 30 second cd. next, id change the +500 damage on hit to an instakill, but i would also add a dc. standard tactical dc calculation, with maybe shatter effects adding to the dc.

that causes an issue though, because now kensei would have two highly valuable and easily abused tier 5 enhancements. so to address that i would move the lvl 18 core one cut (action boost, gives focus weapons vorpal for 1 minute (which at higher levels boils down to being +0.5[w] and +5 dmg per hit avg), and shares cd with fighter haste boost) to the current position of agd and move the new and improved agd to the lvl 18 core spot. that way, one cut is actually useful for more than 1-2 levels for 18/2 ftr/x s only, now that it is a level 12 enhancement (tier 5 rq total level 12 to take) and gives a strong ability to the level 18 core which would really make kensei an attractive pure melee (improved agd + alacrity could be hard to say no to) while still requiring effort to improved the dcs due to lacking divine might (you could splash 2 pally for that, but i think 18/2 ftr/pal would still be a niche build that trades a lot by not going 12/6/2 centered, pure, or 18/2 ftr/monk centered, i dont think i would). if this upgrade were to happen it could not be left as a tier 5 because it would simply add a whole new dimension of power to centered kenseis (a dc build) that they dont need.

another fix, which i think would be lazy and boring but still useful, is to lower the cd greatly (down to maybe 10-15 seconds) and either raise or remove the % hp requirement. the 500 on hit dmg being used with more frequency would be nice, but not a game breaker and would allow fighters to use that occasional +1 multiplier more often. i think this would be a decent buff that doesnt go too far, because if we look at fists of iron i think we can all say +3[w], +1 crit range and multi on a 3 sec cd is much more powerful. with this solution i would leave agd as a tier 5.

08-06-2014, 04:53 PM
I think it is pretty good right now. So harry, at 20% hp has thousands of hp left. 500+ extra crit every 30 seconds helps. But reducing the cooldown for any reason trivializes allt he trash leading up to him, because you would do a beatdown with low damage then spam your death blow for a large portion of their life..

08-06-2014, 05:50 PM
harry is going to be dead by the time you get a second execute off. pretty sure so will aurgloroasa, red dragons, every boss. it might be closer for some than other but i really dont think theres any boss you could hit twice with a 30 second cool down.

my first suggestion would not trivialize trash any more than finger of death does, and i think a workable dc for melee tactics is harder to achieve with 18+ fighter.

my second suggestion would not trivialize trash any more than fists of iron, but would be more useful in general.

even my suggested buffs would be weaker than other classes comparable abilities, im just not seeing a situation where this would be op or trivialize anything that wasnt trivial already, like shroud is.