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This is a build I'll actually be running in order to support my wife. It is horribly sub-optimal but I thought it was funny enough to share. I really love playing Monks and this is what a Bard Monk looks like- at least as close as I can get.

Just wanted to play unarmed stun-bot as a good support. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody. Like ever.

It is an unarmed Warchanter Bard in Grandmaster of Flowers focused on duoing and supporting by freezing enemies. The damage is pretty dang bad but I expect to confuse a lot of people wearing pajamas and fighting with my fists. Warchanter buffs are pretty tasty and I'm convinced I can be a good party member without an optimal build based on them.

Build works fine with Morhns in any other destiny, and will be much better after the armor remake with medium armor. But that's not how I'm running it. I'm probably going to be dead often.

Unarmed Bard that can be useful in some way.
Some kind of meleeing of some sort maybe.
Some CC of some sort.
Warchanter chants and capstone.

20 Bard
Chaotic Good
(Shadar-Kai if you want to be a true Monk with Abundant Step via Shadow Jaunt though you lose 1 DC)
(Halfling if you want to be the ultimate support via Heroic Companion)
(Good luck finding AP for either)

Stats (Starting - 34 Point)
STR 14
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 11
CHA 17

Whatever. Perform and UMD at least.

Two Weapon Fighting
Spell Focus: Enchantment
Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Improved Critical: Bludgeon
Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Greater Toughness
Inspire Excellence
Lasting Inspiration

Core I
Magical Studies III
Lingering Songs III
Core II
Reverberate III
Marigold Enchant
Core III
Shout III
Spellsong Trance
Core IV
Sustaining Song
Total 26

Core I
Enchant Weapon
Rough and Ready III
Core II
Words of Encouragement III
Iced Edges III
Core III
Ironskin Chant III
Frozen Fury III
Core IV
Reckless Chant III
Northwind III
Core V
Expeditious Chant III
Chant of Power III
Howl of the North
Spinning Ice III
Core VI
Total 47

Core I
On Your Toes III
Tavern Shanties I
Fast Movement
Total 7

Epic Destiny - Grandmaster of Flowers (Literally anything works better with Morhns if you're actually playing this like you're trying)
A Dance of Flowers III
Perfect Balance III
Lily Petal
Hail of Blows
Perfection of Body III
Orchid Blossom
Perfection of Mind III
Peircing Clarity II
Drifting Lotus
Perfection of Soul III
A Scattering of Petals
Everything is Nothing

Legendary Tactics
Enchantment Specialization
Reign/Unearthly Reactions
Soundburst/Endless Faith

Frozen Fury/Frozen Cleave DC:
Base 14
Bard 10
CHA 20 (50 CHA)
Stunning 10
Combat Mastery 5
Exceptional Combat Mastery 5
Grandmaster of Flowers 3
Legendary Tactics 6
Ship 1
Total: 74

Enchantment DC (Otto's Sphere):
Base 10
Spell Level 4
CHA 20
Enchant Item 5
Profane 1
Spellsinger Core 3
Marigold 1
Ship 1
Spellsong Trance 1
Augment 2
Spell Focus Enchant 1
Enchantment Specialist 3
Heighten 2
Total: 54

Important Gear:
Epic Spare Hand
Consuming Darkness
Antipode or Seal of House Dun Rhubarb
Mornh (Off Destiny)
Sonic Spell Power
Positive Spell Power
Sonic Crit Power
Anthem Augment or Item

FAQ (Probably.)
Q: Wut?
Don't question it, just accept it. Shh. Shhhhhhh.

Q: Why are you getting the ki moves in Grandmaster of Flowers?
The Drifting Lotus description in-game indicates that the damage has no save- I plan on spamming that after my CC is down. A Scattering of Petals still gives 25% dodge on use, and Everything is Nothing is still useful even if everybody saves. The alternative was +1 to reflex so I'm not exactly hurting for anything else.

Q: Does this build actually work?
I dunno. We'll find out soon I guess. I may or may not take some videos though my duo partner will probably be doing a majority of the work. This character is designed to support and compliment, not to solo.
I'll move 5% faster than my pure monk though. That will be fun.

Q: What would this build play like?
Basically providing buffs until one of these abilities comes off cooldown and could be useful:
Frozen Fury
Frozen Cleave
Otto's Sphere of Dancing
Everything is Nothing
Drifting Lotus
Other than that, at least in EE, hiding like a little baby until you can be safe to wade in through CC. Your use in boss fights will be throwing out buffs, heals, and songs while maintaining sort-of-okay-but-still-horrible damage through Reverberate and Shout.

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I am honored.

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"The Songhand" build.

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"Now with 47% more than 26% death annually. That's down from last year-hold your applause"

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So Combat Mastery and Exceptional Combat Mastery stack?

If I wear T3 Epic Spare Hand Belt + Consuming Darkness, I get +10?

Found the answer myself.

"Exceptional Combat Mastery was rename,except for Pre-U19 items, to Combat Mastery after Update 19, both provide the same non-stacking Insight bonus (http://ddowiki.com/page/Insight_bonus)."

from http://ddowiki.com/page/Combat_Mastery

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The Carl Douglas, disco ninja build...

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I like it!
I'm gonna go build one now!

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