View Full Version : [Sketch] Elven Wiz18/Rog2 Arcane Archer

08-01-2014, 04:20 PM
Hi Guys!
I'm a returning player so I'm not very well versed with the current state of the game. Henceforth I'd appreciate any kind of input or comments on this build sketch!

I have played a ton of Baldur's Gate 2 in the past few weeks and I'd simply love to recreate my arrow shootin' elven Wizard in DDO.

This is what I've come up with:

Elf Rog 2/Wiz 18

Starting Stats (32 pt)
Str 8
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 18
Wis 8
Cha 8

Since I don't have any tomes and this is a first life character I'd put one lvl up (the lvl 12 one) on Dex for Manyshot, the rest will go to int.

1 - Rog - Point Blank Shot
2 - Wiz - Maximize (Wizard)
3 - Wiz - Rapid Shot
6 - Wiz - Precise Shot, Heighten (Wizard)
9 - Rog - Precision (Mental Toughness, Toughness, Empower? I just so happen to love toggles!)
12 - Wiz - Manyshot, Spell Focus: Enchantment (Wizard)
15 - Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment
17 - Wiz - Quicken (Wizard)
18 - Wiz - Spell Penetration
21 - Greater Spell Penetration
24 - Epic Spell Penetration
26 - Epic Spell Power
27 - Toughness (Epic Ability: Int?)
28 - Hellball (Doubleshot?)

some Elf (for Arcane Archer and possibly the longbow weapon line for dex to damage on longbows)
some Arcane Archer
some Archmage

Now... since this is a first life build and mainly meant for heroic levels I'm not planning to solo any EE content with this.
I just simply love the idea of CC'ing stuff in Firewalls and shooting away at them with flaming arrows!

Anyhow, cheers and thanks for reading!