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07-30-2014, 03:25 PM
I'm thinking about playing a Shiradi that foregoes DC, mostly because I don't have the gear, the pastlives or the willpower to farm for it.

I'd like to ask a few basic questions:

** Unfortunately I do not have access to FvS. Will this hinder my life too much?
** I do have Bladeforged though and I will use it. Will I miss Wraith form too much? Should I pick the form in a BF? I'm notoriously not fond of Death Aura in Epic Elite.
** I haven't been able to find any forum post saying which spellpower affects shiradi procs. Is it way to go to just max Force and Potency?

I also noticed Shiradis aren't twist-heavy like melees and I can get everything I need with just a few levels, so I'm probably playing this toon full-time in shiradi even as a first lifer, it's an alt so if someday I get 3x Colors I can just try out another build. For this reason I'd like to play a "dedicated" shiradi, making full use of the destiny.

I noticed that without a DC focus, all that I get from Wizard levels are more SP (which is important), a few spells (which might or might not be useful) and casters levels (so it's actually needed to go deep in the class).

So, I have a few more questions:

** Improved Precise Shot... I heard that Pin and Otto's Whistler work with this and I'm sure I can give up 3 Feats in this build. Has anyone tried this before? The way I visualize I would be running from mobs, then line them up (some might be tripped though but whatever) and hit Otto's for a horde of Epic Elite mobs dancing with no save.
I'm worried with my to-hit but with Tensor's I'll have full BAB and after that it's just a matter of bumping up DEX.
This is definitely expensive, I'll also need to hit 19 DEX for IPS in a Bladeforged.
Anyone tried this?

** Defensive Stance: It's +25 PRR and +3 to saves for 11 AP and I'll free up many AP without Angel of Vengeance. I'm actually thinking about going deeper in the tree for 20% HP and maybe +6 CON but this would require a shield. I'm thinking about getting Shield Mastery feats and use a Large Shield but this would cap my dodge.
I can lower my ASF with Bladeforged and Eldritch Knight enhancements. EK has Eldritch Shield for -25% damage if I drop below half life and Shield for 10 PRR.
If I take a large or small shield I'll have to give up Evasion though... At any pace I always have more problems with melees than with casters.
Or better yet, an Orb. It seems they trigger Shield Feats but don't trigger Greater Defender of Syberys stance.

Has anyone tried this?
I've seen a build get 25% dodge but he didn't post a breakdown, how did he do that?

Any other cool trick I might have missed?

07-30-2014, 08:54 PM
Nevermind on IPS, apparently it isn't working all the time or whatever. At any rate I watched a video of a monkcher doing EE Tor, trying to hit Otto whenever it was off cooldown and it was nothing like I imagined.