View Full Version : Thunder Forged for the Melee Cleric

07-26-2014, 12:09 PM
So thinking TF Falchion. Better critical range TF tiers.

Build is 2hr CLR17/FTR1/Pal2 Human
Been using an EAGA.

Tier 1
I like the potency +100 from tier 1 or 1st degree burns???
Does this stack with devotion and radiance and impulse and combustion spell power because it is Universal item? Regular Potency?

Dragon's Edge tier2 with Falchion

Tier 3 Mortal Fear or Radiance lore?

I am thinking EAGA for Bosses still with FOTW or LD. When Adrenaline Clicks and human damage boost clicks run out then use the TF Falchion. Also TF Falchion for trash and xp grinding quests. Potency would be great for grinding EDs, but that is almost done for most.

Is potency good for Tier 1 or other better?

I can still slot some spell power in Orange and Red Slot so potency might be a waste. I have Holy symbol for Radiance and Impulse spell power though.

Does TF Great Ax still rule?

07-29-2014, 08:27 PM
The potency doesnt stack so if hou have hycalon boots or similar you might not get much out of the +100. If you slot devotion or another augment, you can get casting implement that way.

First degree burns is nicer at teir 1. My opinion of course....

Mortal fear at the final tier.